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'Dorset Tales' (2017)

The cover of 'Dorset Tales' by The Straw HorsesOur second album was released in April 2017.  It's a magically rich feast of vocals, guitars, upright bass, and percussion, elevated by orchestral arrangements that teeter exquisitely on the border of breathtaking beauty and unnerving darkness.  The perfect musical setting for our nine tales of intrigue, murder, mystery, derring-do, witchcraft, smuggling, and English eccentricity.

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Click here for the stories behind the songs of 'Dorset Tales'.


Dorset Tales was written by Rob Bray & Mavis Ellen Jackson and produced by Rob Bray and Tony Klangfarbe for Ludo Phonographic.  Original artwork was created by Claire Aberlé.  

'Calendar' (2014)

The cover of 'Calendar' by The Straw HorsesThe Straw Horses' debut release 'Calendar' features a wide range of acoustic folk instruments, sublime string and woodwind arrangements, and exquisite vocal harmonies, warmly captured with vintage equipment.


The band's sound creates the perfect feel for the album's subject matter: twelve British historical events and traditions - each connected to a month of the year - lovingly and skilfully retold as charming, touching, folk-flavoured songs.


With hints of The Wicker Man's evocative soundtrack countered by moments of singalong simplicity, the album blends mystery and reflection with the spirit of celebration and will take you on a moving and rousing journey around Britain's rich and fascinating past.


Calendar evokes deep affection for the stories it tells and the characters it recalls. There's reverence in the artfully crafted lyrics and an honesty and delicacy in the production that will draw you in, time after time.


The CD comes with a 27 page booklet containing background information and stunning original artwork to accompany each track.


If you've bought just the music, click here for the artwork and stories behind the songs.


Open view of 'Calendar' CD & booklet

was written by Rob Bray & Mavis Ellen Jackson and produced by Rob Bray for Ludo Phonographic.  Original artwork was created by Claire Aberlé.  


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