The Musician Within

A new and unique workshop

I've been a performing and recording musician for 25 years, during which time I have worked extensively as a producer, music coach, and workshop leader.  A lot of my clients have been new to making music, and I've always been interested in the effect that discovering their voice or exploring an instrument has had on their personal journeys.  

Many have reported to me that singing and playing music - particularly with other people - produce positive and profound reverberations in several different areas: 

Life is deeply enriched by the joyous experience of making music with others

The inner self finds healing in the freedom of musical and vocal expression

Personal limitations are challenged - and overcome

Old habits and attitudes are re-examined

Appreciation of art is enhanced

New friendships are formed

Confidence increases

Powerful and cathartic personal change results from the unlocking of your innate, and often long-denied musicality.

I also hear, time and time again, the belief that music is something out of reach to 'normal' people.

  • Were you told as a child that you couldn't sing?
  • Were you discouraged from practising an instrument, being told it made a dreadful sound?
  • Has it been your belief that deep technical knowledge and complicated reading skills are necessary for playing music?

I know from my own experience, and from observing many clients' journeys in music, that these limiting beliefs are false, and that they can be replaced by the wonderful realisation that anyone can enjoy making music straight away, and can quickly benefit from its life-changing effects.

Photo of various musical instrumentsAll of these observations, coupled with my passion for music and my lifelong interest in personal development, have led me to create this new and unique music workshop model which aims to realise your latent artistic capacity and open new doors in your journey of self-discovery.  These workshops offer you instruments and equipment, techniques, carefully devised exercises, and a safe and comfortable space in which to take your first - or next - steps into the joyful, healing, and deeply rewarding world of music just as soon as you want to.

Please note that these workshops are not exclusively for newcomers to the world of music.  Those who already play or sing are equally welcome to explore these new approaches to group playing and the therapeutic benefits of musical expression.

Workshop dates will be publicised on this website and via my mailing list, which you may join here.

Workshops can also be arranged on request if you have a few friends who would like to enjoy this experience together.
Please get in touch on 07747 752359 or via

Come with me to release and celebrate The Musician Within!

I look forward to welcoming you. Rob Bray's signature