Feedback on my Songwriting In Schools workshops

From teachers...

"Rob's manner is calm and friendly with mutual respect between himself and the children. It is apparent that this has a positive impact on the children's behaviour and motivation."
Mrs. D.

"Children's opinions were valuable. They thought of a number of new aspects not previously thought of. Their enthusiasm was greater which led to a greater work output. As the project advanced they were 'desperate' to work with Rob and write and compose their own songs."
Mrs. E.

"As a result of watching what the children can achieve, I have greater confidence to have a go at writing songs with the children."
Miss. C.

"The children were highly motivated by the new and exciting experiences. They were also motivated by the possibility of producing the CD and a final product - something which they associated with the adult world. The children have expressed surprise in what they have achieved which suggests that they have done something they might not have though possible."
Mr. W.

"Rob's ability to relate to the children was fantastic across a range of abilities and behaviour."
Mrs. P.

And from children...

drawing by a schoolchild"I have learned to work with anyone.  I have learned to be a bit more patient with others.  I have learned anything is possible, when you put your mind to it. "
E-, yr 6

"I have had really good fun with Rob because I have learned a lot by our project.  I have really enjoyed recording the songs because we had to create our own lyrics and our own music.  It was really fun recording our songs and I hope we can do something as fun as this.  I loved working with Rob and I hope I can work with him again!!!!!!"
J-, yr 6

"When we performed the songs I was a bit nervous.  However when we finished I found it quite fun.  I found recording the songs extremely exciting because we had all the right equipment thanks to Rob."
H-, yr 6

"Writing the songs was really fun because we made up our own lyrics and made up the tune.  In my song we all came up with a verse each.  Hearing the CD was AMAZING!  All of our own made songs were on an actual CD!  I can’t believe some of our songs are actually going on the radio."
C-, yr 6

"I really enjoyed writing the random words down and then making them into lyrics.  It made me realise how easy it was to make a song.  It really surprised me to hear that some of our songs are going on the BBC Radio Northants and on two websites. "
H-, yr 6

drawing of Rob by a schoolchild"I love learning like this it is so exciting."
J-, yr 6

"It feels like I’m a pop star.  It’s fantastic."
O-, yr 6

"I would like to thank Rob making the CD a reality because without him we could not have even been close to what we have achieved!"
M-, yr 6

"We recorded the songs with Rob’s recording equipment.  We turned a room into a recording studio.  It was a really fun experience."
J-, yr 6

"I NEVER KNEW I COULD ACHIEVE THIS.  Working with Rob has been AMAZING.  I wish that I could do this sort of thing every day because you get to laugh and not be quiet and say what you really feel without feeling shy.  Writing the songs was really fun ... we get to say our own ideas and make it our own. "
I-, yr 6

"Rob helped us perform the songs because he sung the first line with you and then if you were unsure he would sing with you until you were confident.  It was really fun performing in front of the class because everyone encouraged each other. "
H-.yr 6

"I like all the ideas Rob had for our song and I like the fact it helped me to think outside of the box and experience different things."
C-, yr 6

"The whole project could change my career and it has been a great experience for me and it has really made me change and realise I can do it.  I have got so much out of it and it is much more fun than normal everyday school lessons."
L-, yr 6

"It’s all been so fun.  Too good to explain!! Thank you teachers!  and.... THANK YOU ROB!!  I hope that other years get to have as much fun as we have when they come up to year six.  I hope the school remembers this.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!"
O-, yr 6

"At first when Rob said “Who thinks it’s possible to make a CD?” only two people put their hands up.  But we have actually finished it.  It only took us a month and a bit.  Next Thursday we get to hear ourselves on the radio.  It’s something that I thought wasn’t possible but it’s actually true.  I’m proud of what me and everyone else can do.  Sometimes you think you can’t do things but if you try then you can do whatever you want. "
A-, yr 6